Sandee Ewasiuk

Road Trip | 36" x 36" | SOLD
Road Trip | 36" x 36" | SOLD

Recent Works

Up, Up and Away!! | 36"x48'" | $3000
Hopping | SOLD
Morning Catch | SOLD
By the Light of the Moon | 36"x48" | available at Galerie Quebec Art
Tea with Bees / 'SOLD
Forest Walk | SOLD at Matilda Swanson Gallery
We All Have the Same Moon | 48"x60" | available at the Matilda Swanson Gallery
Sharing the Ice | 36"x48" | SOLD
Magic in the Forest | 48"x36" | available at Galerie Quebec Art
The Hunt for Wild Blueberries | available at Galerie Quebec Art
The Four Queens | commission of 4, 30"x24" paintings | SOLD
Garden | 30"x48" | $2200 | SOLD
The Market | 48"x36" | SOLD
Ice Cream Sundae | 12"x9" | SOLD
Dundurn Market | 12"x12" | $350 | SOLD
Scenes from my Backyard #1 | 12"x9" | SOLD
Scenes from my Backyard #2 | 14"x12" | SOLD
Fishing Trip | available at Galerie Quebec Art
Scenes from my Backyard #3 | 12"x12" | SOLD
Crow Party | 36" x 36" | $2,000
Keeper of the Bees | 36"x18" | SOLD
In My Dreams | 40"x16" | available at Galerie Quebec Art
Last Run | 36"x48" | commission for Matilda Swanson Gallery | SOLD
Raven's Nest | 20"x16" | SOLD
Long Winter's Nap | 36"x48" | SOLD
Foxes | 30" x 40"| SOLD
Shortcut Through the Sunflowers | 36" x 48" | SOLD
Fresh Eggs For Breakfast
Fresh Eggs For Breakfast | 36 x 24 | $1,100 | SOLD
Night Kitchen | 36"x24"| SOLD
Night Kitchen | 36" x 24" | $1,100 | SOLD
Foxy Lady | 40"x30" | SOLD
Spring Wildflowers | 60" x 36" | SOLD at Matilda Swanson Gallery
Spring Hare | 40" x 30" | SOLD
Queen of the Wetlands | 60" x 30" | | SOLD
Night Owl | 30" x 24" | SOLD
Coy Coyote | 24" x 24" | SOLD
Beatrice | 24"x18" | $600
Paddling with Manarchs | 30" x 40" | SOLD
When Pigs Fly | 30" x 36" | SOLD
City Pigeon | 14" x 11" | SOLD
Cardinals | 14" x 11" | SOLD
Blue Jays | 14" x 11" | SOLD
Hummingbirds | 14" x 11" | SOLD
Bluebirds | 14" x 11" | SOLD
Black Cockatoo | 24"x12" | SOLD
Robin | 14" x 11" | $300
Curious Crows | 20" x 16" | SOLD
Hanging with the Cardinals | 24" x 30" | SOLD
Fox in the City | SOLD
The Bluebird Goddess | 20" x 16" | SOLD
Little Boat | 20" x 16" | SOLD


In the Fall of 2019 we spent three months road tripping in Australia in a camper van, which is really the best way to travel in that country.  We have strong ties there, as my husband, Graham, is Australian and our three children have Canadian/Australian citizenship. Anyway we had a fabulous trip and saw more wildlife than I could have ever imagined!  The terrible wildfires of that year and the next began at the tail end of our trip.   Fortunately they only affected us in that we had to reroute some our travel plans to avoid them.  But they became much worse after we returned in December.  I was heart broken.  The Australian bushfire of 2019-20 was one of the worst disasters in modern history killing or displacing nearly 3 billion animals.  Places we had visited were destroyed. 

Feeling distraught I decided to use what I know best to raise funds for the relief effort. 

I made three paintings for this project, ‘Kangaroos at Mimosa Rocks’ was the first.  It’s a painting of a mum and her joey and was my first experience of being so close to this amazing wildlife.  I was able to get about 10 feet away from these beautiful creatures. 

‘The Koalas of Raymond Island’ was the second painting.  We saw many koalas on our trip but none as close as this one. It was such a wonderful little island and such a special day.  

‘Kookaburra in Lane Cove National Park’ was my third and final painting of the series. The call of a kookaburra became magic to my ears. I never got tired of hearing it.  This guy was particularly friendly and would sit on the door of our camper. 


I made reproductions of each to sell and along with the original three paintings, donating 100% of the proceeds and in the end was able to donate $20,000.00 to WIRES (NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue and Information Services) and Victoria Wildlife.


Florence | 36" x 60" | SOLD
The Flower Truck | 36" x 60" | SOLD
Marionettes of Venice | 20" x 16" | SOLD
Paris Florist | 24" x 16" | SOLD


 In the month of October 2017, I spent a month in Thailand at the artist’s residency, Com Peung, located just outside the city of Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.  My idea was to work with mixed media using materials from Thailand.  The only materials I brought from home were a handful of brushes and some embroidery thread.  I decided to work on patterned fabric which I purchased from the wonderful fabric market in Chiang Mai.  I wanted to work on fabric for the easy of transportation, and with patterned fabric in particular, made in Thailand, for interesting backgrounds.  I used photo reference from pictures I was taking during my travels.  To begin, I stretched the fabric on a temporary stretcher made from bamboo, and painted with layers of acrylic paint.  Some of the pieces were completed them with a bit of embroidered detail.

Thai Cow | 28"x23" | SOLD
Lahu Village Market | 5'x3' painting on fabric | $2500.00
Thai Cow in Doi Saket | 5'x3' painting on fabric | SOLD
Statue at Wat Phra That, Doi Saket | 48"x24" | $1200.00
Statue at Wat Phra That, Doi Saket | 48"x24" | $1200.00
Thai Spider | 48"x24" |$1000.00
Thai Butterfly | 48"x24" | $1000.00


Past Pieces

The Snow Queen | available at Matilda Swanson Gallery
Last Catch | available at Matilda Swanson Galleryn
James St. North | SOLD